Bespoke Engineering Products

Ensure you find the right machine parts with CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd. Based in Crediton, Exeter, we manufacture a range of engineering products to meet any of your needs.

In-House Machinery

It’s never been easier to get your metal project completed than it is with CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd. Our in-house workshop allows us to be flexible with all our work. We process single, small components right up to three-tonne items. No matter how big the job, our engineers get it done fast and effectively.
Bring us your designs and drawings to ensure you get exactly what you want. We have advanced equipment for each individual job to leave you with a customised finish. We do one or two unique pieces in detail rather than mass turned out items.

Reliable Equipment

Metal work is made simple with our range of machinery. In our workshop, we have two Butler Elgamill™ machines: one with a six-metre bed on it and another with a four-metre bed. These are large milling machines, which make light work of large projects. Enjoy a personalised finish with our welders who fabricate items to meet your needs.

Contact Us

Simply drop us an email to enquire about our services. For a standard piece of work, we get back to you with an estimate. Customised requests require our engineers to see the item before we give you an accurate price.

We use only the best machinery to get the job done well Download Our Machinery Specifications

Quality Engineering

Look no further for tailor-made machine parts than CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd. Our aim is to provide safe, quality, and cost-efficient engineering services. We are your one-stop shop for engineering. We offer precision engineering services,which include:

  • Welding
  • Machine Part manufacturing
  • Metal painting
  • Fabrication