Quality Shot Blasting

Make your metal products more durable and stylish with CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd.
For first-rate steel blasting, choose our experts based in Crediton, Exeter, to get a new look for your metalwork.

Shot Blasting and Painting

Strip back your metal with CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd. Shot blasting is the process of blasting mild steel onto an item by a hose, with the mild steel fired out by a compressor. We carry out all out work with a 250-CFM compressor, which gives us flexibility when we need to provide an SA 2.5 finish.

This process takes the metal back to its original state and cleans off the paint and rust. To get a new look for your metal, we repaint it too. The range of products we blast includes:

  • Gates
  • Wheels
  • Garden furniture
  • Car parts

Spray Painting

Enjoy a made-to-order finish with CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd. In our spray painting room, similar to our blast room, we add protection to your blasted metal. Our specially designed space includes an extractor fan to remove all the paint fumes and vapours. For a durable, long-lasting finish, we use two-pack paint that comes in a matt or gloss finish.

Our Workshop

At more than ten-metres wide and three-metres high, our blast room accommodates any project. This big space is able to accommodate larger items including car bodies. The shot blasting is carried out on a sub frame to return the metal to its natural state. After this, we apply a coat of primer paint to ensure your metal items won’t rust.

Our engineers are on hand to collect and re-deliver your items to work around your busy schedule. We also have a blast cabinet where we work on smaller items. We have 11 fully trained engineers on our shop floor who use the best protective clothing and headgear. We even use appropriate breathing equipment to ensure all our work is carried out safely.

Shot Blasting Guide Prices

Description S/Blast Prime Topcoat
Bench ends £10.00 £12.00 £20.00
Bicycle frame £25.00 £75.00
Car frame MG £200.00 350.00 – Etch Prime
Car wheel £10.00 £45.00
Garden Chair £15.00 £25.00 £40.00
Garden Table £20.00 £40.00 £80.00
Gate 3 ft x 3ft £25.00 £38.00 £110.00
Gate 6 ft x 7ft £50.00 £70.00 £150.00
Motorbike frame £30.00 £85.00
Motorbike frame + 2 x Wheels £50.00 £170.00
Motorbike wheel £10.00 £45.00
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