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"A Honey Extractor is a stainless steel drum about 30 inches deep and 20 inches diameter, in which is mounted a steel cage located on a vertical spindle inside the drum. Frames of honeycomb from the beehive are hung in the cage. The cage is then spun rapidly to centrifuge the honey out of the comb, where it flies outwards to the sides of the drum, dribbling down the sides to a tap at the bottom where it is collected.
Devon Beekeepers Okehampton Branch have two extractors for use by members. The steel cages on both were showing signs of age with the paint beginning to peel off, risking contaminating extracted honey. We contacted Jason Pett at CS Engineering to ask advice on what could be done to restore the cages. He was most helpful, giving us a very reasonable quote for stripping and recoating each cage. The work was completed within a couple of weeks, with each cage returned to its as-new condition, good for years more use. Our two extractors are now serviceable once more, all this achieved at a fraction of the cost of buying a new manual extractor from beekeeping suppliers."

Marian MintonOkehampton Branch Chair

England Para-badminton player David Follett is most grateful to CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd for their help with his Sports wheelchair.
A very important safety metal insert for his chair broke while he was playing in the European Championships in Spain.
The part is now out of production and unobtainable from the chair manufactures
Without this part he would be unable to train and play in the forthcoming 4 Nations tournament in Ireland.
CS Engineering not only made an identical replacement but they did it very quickly so he was able to continue with his build up to the next competition.
We would recommend CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd and would not hesitate in using them again.

Mike FollettDevon Racqueteers

"CS Engineering was very helpful, prepping our very awkwardly angled and sloping garden stair railings to SA 2.5 followed by appropriate priming and an excellent enamel gloss top finish. Importantly, this was done with the railings left in one piece which made re-fixing very easy. The wife is well pleased!"

DW/Local Customer
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